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Granfer Gravys and Cheeselogs… you what?!

These little critters seemed to be around everywhere when I was a kid, where have they gone?

Anyway, on Sunday I saw one dragging his/her sorry exoskeleton across a friend’s kitchen floor, and remembered just what an absurd name they use to go by back in deepest darkest Somserset… “Granfer Gravys”. This was met with derision until I “proved” it with the power of Google. And I uncovered a few more silly names for Oniscus asellus, AKA the Woodlice, AKA:

Roly-polys (OK I get this one)
Parson’s Pigs
Butchie Boys

What does it all mean?!


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Man builds shed – ugh, grrr…

Every man should have one, and ideally every man should have built one with his own hands… The new shed is taking shape, 7 x 5 feet of tongue-and-groove manspace is now lurking, half-finished, in the garden. Bad light stopped construction yesterday, so hopefully tomorrow will see the completion and grand opening. Soon to be filled with lawnmower, sharp tools, crusty paintbrushes and various gunked up tins of stuff I’ll never use again. I might start smoking a pipe.

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Ich bin ein Berliner!

We got back from a weekend break in Berlin yesterday – what an awesome city!  Will definitely be going back for a 2nd bite of die Kirsche.  Can’t think of anywhere else where the echoes of history are very much alive.

The Berlin Bunker tour was fascinating – a chilling insight into Berlin’s darkest days.

The hotel Ku’Damm 101 wasn’t all that great.  Looks like they took the minimalism theme one step too far as it felt more like a hospital / office block, not exactly cosy.  However, it was spotlessly clean and fairly reasonable priced.

More about our trip to Berlin to follow…

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One false start later…

Wow – that was difficult – who’d have thought that choosing a blog name would turn into such a kerfuffle!

As to the final decision – go get a pencil and paper and work it out for yourselves… 🙂

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