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B-Day+114: The roof is finished!

Looks like the roof is completely finished – the ridge tiles are done and all the flat roof details are also complete.  Just waiting for the cap stones for the parapet wall, then the scaffolding can be taken down.

Also, more of the ceiling boards have been done:


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B-Day+103: Tiles

After a few days’ wait, the roof tiles have arrived and the roofers have done one side of the roof. Looking much more like a finished house now! And all the Velux windows were installed, after reshuffling the ones at the back slightly downwards.

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B-Day+86: Flat roof joists – done!

The big flat roof joists are now done – and are all straight and parallel despite this bendy photo!

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B-Day+83: More roof

The timber structure for the roof at the side of the house looks nearly finished now. And the long timbers for the flat roof joists arrived today, meaning they can hopefully be installed on Monday…

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B-Day+82: Is this “indoors” yet?

Suddenly it feels a bit more like “indoors” instead of a very messy walled garden. Admitedly it’s not exactly weatherproof unless you stand very still under our Velux window.

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B-Day +81: Roof

Timber arrived today and the carpenters got to work on the roof at the side of the house.

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