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Veg patch

Now the decking is finished we have turned out attention to the jungle at the bottom of the garden.  This was once a veggie patch, but last year’s building works meant it was somewhat neglected and turned in to a knee high collection of weeds.  The mission:

  1. Destroy everything*
  2. Flatten everything*
  3. Protect everything* (weedproof membrane)
  4. Build raised beds
  5. Gravel the bits between the beds
  6. Plant vegetables
  7. Harvest vegetables
  8. Eat vegetables

* everything except the apple tree

After all the fun of building the decking, we decided to cheat and get some kits for the raised beds, from Harrod Horticultural.  Yes it would have been cheaper to buy and cut the timber ourselves, no we have no regrets about the time saved simply screwing the ready-to-go kits together without all the measuring, cutting, staining and drilling…

A few photos of progress so far:

Now we are waiting for the rest of our Cotswold Buff gravel – which will hopefully arrive in the next couple of days.

And here is the latest progress in a fancy Photosynth panorama.


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Building decking – part eight: finished (for now)

So we’ve got it more or less finished for the time being.  The remaining section of steps can wait until we figure out what to do elsewhere in the garden.

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