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Relight my fire!

Next up, it’s time to sort out the manky fireplace in the living room – it’s days are numbered!

And here is progress after day one: old fireplace is ripped out, chimney lined, fireplace opened up, lintel and brickwork done.

And day two, opening is lined, walls rendered, hearth fitted, mantelpiece fitted:

By the end of day three it’s all done (bar the painting):

We are really pleased with the end result – excellent work from Carl Cox… no not him – I mean this Carl Cox.

The stove is a Woodwarm Fireview Slender 5KW – the “slender” bit is the depth, meaning we get a visually wide stove but it isn’t too big (and hot) for the size of room.

Frustratingly we can’t light the fire for over a week, while we wait for the plaster to dry.


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