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Today is offically B(uilding commencement)-Day!  So far so good, most of the paving slabs have been lifted, leaving a load of crumbly sand/cement mix.

Given the sunny weather we are hoping groundworks can get going ASAP…


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B-day -2: Ready to go!

So this is it! It’s a warm sunny Saturday afternoon and we have under two days until building work commences. For some reason I’ve mowed the lawn, despite the fact that we’ll need to gouge out a soakaway in the middle of that manicured green lushness.

I took some final photos and a video for posterity, so one day we can reminisce about our old outside toilet and silly too-narrow-for-a-car drive.

There’s not a lot else we can do now, let’s see what happens when work commences on Monday…

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