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Putting all the pieces together: Olympus EM-5 + EyeFi card + Android + Flickr Uploader App by Rafali + Flickr

A techy post for a change.

As much as I love taking photos with my Olympus EM-5, I rarely find the time to turn on the PC, connect the USB cable to the camera, fire up Lightroom, import the photos, categorise them and then upload them to Flickr. Free time is quite rare with a 1 year old charging around the house!  The upshot is, I’ll use my Google Nexus 5 phone to take pictures because it’s so much simpler – especially now the Google+ Android app auto syncs my photos to Google+, and the official Flickr app will also auto sync photos to my Flickr account (my preferred photo site).

But you just can’t beat the quality of a proper camera, so I’ve been looking for a solution to get my photos from my camera to Flickr in one hit, with no wires, no PC and no Lightroom.  For 90% of the photos I take on the camera I’m happy with them without any need to tinker in Lightroom, so this will be a real timesaver for family and holiday snaps.


Part 1: Eye-Fi Mobi card (available at Amazon and elsewhere) and accompanying Android App. An Eye-Fi card is an SD Card which also features the ability to talk to another device wirelessly – in this case a smartphone (iOS or Android). After installing the Eye-Fi app on your phone and syncing with your camera you can set the app to automatically sync photos from your camera as soon as they are taken, or manually choose when to do it (that’s my preferred method). The Eyefi Mobi Android app has a few quirks, for instance geotagging eats battery even when the app has no photos to process, but in general the app does the job OK.

Part 2: Flickr Uploader App by Rafali, get it at the Play Store here. Forget the official Flickr app if you want to upload your Eye-Fi photos fully automatically, it can’t be done since the official app only syncs photos in your phone’s “proper” photos folder. The unofficial Flickr Uploader app by Rafali has a few big advantages over the official Flickr app:

1) You can specify which folder(s) on your phone to upload to Flickr. In my case, I added the Eye-Fi folder which is automatically created by the Eye-Fi app. So as soon as a new photo appears in that folder, the Flickr Uploader app will upload it to Flickr.

2) You can set it to auto-delete the original photo 24 hours after the upload is done. This is important because I don’t want to fill my meagre 16GB of phone memory with a bunch of photos that are ‘in transit’ between camera and Flickr.

3) I think the official Flickr app doesn’t sync videos, whereas Flickr Uploader lets you do this if you want, via an option.

All in all, this setup seems to be working pretty well so far – am very glad I found the Flickr Uploader app which was the final piece in the puzzle!


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