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Woodwarm Fireview Slender 5KW review

Spring is maybe here, so how did we get on with our newly installed Woodwarm Fireview Slender 5KW over the winter?  It was great (pun resisted)!

We chose the “slender” model because we were limited to 5KW for our room size, but most 5KW stoves are quite small – whereas we wanted a full “widescreen” fire!  The Woodwarm Slender range are shallower than normal, meaning you get the overall width for a nice looking fire (and decent size logs) but can have a stove small enough to only output 5KW.  Any more than that and the living room would feel like a pizza oven!  The stove itself looks good – timeless styling without looking twee and “country-cottage”.

We had to gradually build up the test burns, the first being just a handful of kindling – then second and third burns progressively larger.  This cures the paint on the stove, and has the unpleasant side-effect of stinking the room out.  Once the stove was fully operational it has performed really well, not much more to say really, it burns wood, it burns coal, it gets hot!  The instructions go through how to use the vents properly, using the lower ones like a choke on a car to get it started, then gradually closing it and also reducing the upper vent to get a clean burn.  Not sure if we’ve fully mastered it yet but once the fire gets going it is very easy to maintain.  We attached a magnetic thermometer to help regulate the temperature in the “optimum” burning zone.

Cleaning out the stove is easy enough, the ash pan slides out the bottom section using a detachable handle – although it’s surprising how quickly the ash accumulates!  All of the handles on the stove look nice, but they small and quite stiff, so require a fair bit of strength to turn – plus of course they get very hot so use the supplied tool!

All in all, very pleased with it! Our living room looks loads better, and feels MUCH warmer – a grate* choice!

*I failed



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(Not) pretty fly for a light buy – Kartell Fly is not up to scratch

The newly decorated dining room was in dire need of a new light since the chintzy chandelier was binned.

After ditching Plan A in a moment of spontaneity in John Lewis we went for a bold Plan B, in the shape of a striking Kartell Fly pendant ceiling light in orange.  Here’s what it looks like in a showroom / brochure:

Quite impressive, quite striking, modern, etc.  At least, that’s the idea… however, after unboxing the light, switching electrics off, struggling through the rather sparse fitting instructions by torchlight, and diligently NOT removing the protective film from the shade until installation was finished we were pretty disappointed.  That big orange shiny shade was covered in little (and not so little scratches).

Fair enough, these things happen so we dug out the receipt and John Lewis swapped the shade with no fuss.  Got the new shade home, electrics off, fitted it in the dark again, peeled protective film off again, electrics on…

Grrr, even worse!  More scratches, even bigger!

After wasting a couple of evenings fitting / unfitting the light twice, and a couple of lunchtimes collecting from John Lewis twice we’ve given up.  We’ll dig out the receipt again and get a refund.  The Kartell Fly seems to be style over substance, as whatever they do to manufacture and/or protect the shade during transit just isn’t up to scratch.

We’ve reverted to Plan A and gone a bit more traditional with the John Lewis Elio 5.  Much better!


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