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The even Greater Outdoors

In the previous post I showed you stage one of our garden project. Here’s what happened next.

We chose to pave the patio using Truslate, using the ‘blue’ colour, which isn’t at all blue thankfully!

Here are some photos of the work in progress.

And then time to put some furniture and plants back.

Next job is to put some wire balustrade up between the fence posts.  Actually no, next job is to cook some lamb burgers, crack open a cold beer and enjoy the garden!


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The Great Outdoors

So the house is more-or-less done, albeit plenty of bits and pieces to finish off “one day”. We turned our attention to the garden, which has grown woefully neglected since the arrival of our daughter nearly a year ago.  Maintaining this wilderness has dropped way down the list of things to do!

We wanted to replace the path and beds of rose bushes and other shrubs with a more child-friendly lawn, whilst extending the old garage slab into a more useable patio for outdoor dining.  Here’s what happened…

Step 1: Cut back and remove the trees and shrubs

Step 2: erect a new fence and lift paving slabs

Step 3: extend the old garage slab using oak sleepers filled with broken up paving slabs lifted from the garden

Step 4: level lawn area with new topsoil – having dug up old lawn

Step 5: lay new turf, water daily

And wait for the grass to grow! More to come in the next post….

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More front garden…

Landscaping is all done – looking good so far.  Next up we need to add some green things.

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Face the front

The front garden has suffered 18 months of abuse, being home to piles of rubble, bags of sand, gravel, pallets of bricks, various other building supplies, old radiators, and one blue porta-loo.   All these have left their mark, so it’s time to give the front garden an overhaul!

First things first, the digger makes short work of clearing EVERYTHING!

Next, laying the membrane and marking out the edging:

And the latest progress so far – edging has been laid and base substrate for the drive is in place.  More to come tomorrow…

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Shed in the corner

To complete the veg patch we have got ourselves a new shed.  It’s a 7×7 Corner Shed from B&Q, made by Shire Garden Buildings.

Overall, its been pretty straightforward to put up, in contrast to some of the reviews on the B&Q website.  However one weakness is definitely the shed floor, the tongue and groove timber looks nice but seems way too thin – it flexes worryingly underfoot so we’ll definitely need to add another layer of board to reinforce the floor.  This isn’t a big deal but was a tad disappointing…

We painted the panels before assembly, which made things sooo much easier than painting after assembling it.  As with our fences, we’ve gone for Cuprinol Shades “Wild Thyme” combined with “Country Cream” for some of the details.  Here’s a few shots of the shed assembly in progress.

Pretty pleased with progress after one day’s work.  We still need to fit the door latches, glaze the windows and finish off the trim around the roof felt.


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Veg patch part deux

We’ve made a little more progress!  We borrowed a Kärcher pressure washer and blasted all the filth and green muck off the fences around the veg patch.  Once they’d dried out we then painted them with “Wild Thyme” paint from the Cuprinol Garden Shades range.  Was really impressed with the paint, it only needed one coat and went on really well!

We settled for the old-school approach with brushes rather than purchasing a spray; that was after reading endless horror stories online about sprays going wrong, getting clogged every couple of minutes, coating next door’s garden/house/car/cat, etc!  Brushes required some elbow-grease, but the afternoon remained calamity free.

Next up: finish the base for the corner shed (to the right of the apple tree).  Then finish off the gravel.  Then buy and build the shed!




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Veg patch

Now the decking is finished we have turned out attention to the jungle at the bottom of the garden.  This was once a veggie patch, but last year’s building works meant it was somewhat neglected and turned in to a knee high collection of weeds.  The mission:

  1. Destroy everything*
  2. Flatten everything*
  3. Protect everything* (weedproof membrane)
  4. Build raised beds
  5. Gravel the bits between the beds
  6. Plant vegetables
  7. Harvest vegetables
  8. Eat vegetables

* everything except the apple tree

After all the fun of building the decking, we decided to cheat and get some kits for the raised beds, from Harrod Horticultural.  Yes it would have been cheaper to buy and cut the timber ourselves, no we have no regrets about the time saved simply screwing the ready-to-go kits together without all the measuring, cutting, staining and drilling…

A few photos of progress so far:

Now we are waiting for the rest of our Cotswold Buff gravel – which will hopefully arrive in the next couple of days.

And here is the latest progress in a fancy Photosynth panorama.

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