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B-Day+209: Last floor tiles done

The tiles in the shower room were finished today – makes quite a difference the room feels much lighter!



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B-Day+76: Beam me up!

The cranked steel beam for the roof was put in today – all seemingly successfully.

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B-Day+67: Almost ready for a roof!

The walls are nearly up to roof height now, should be ready for a roof soon, once the chimney is demolished…

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B-Day+65: Scaffolding

The scaffolders arrived today and put up the scaffolding, means all building materials will be going up and over for the time being…

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B-Day+59: The only way is up!

More bricks, more wall, more extension!

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B-Day+37: Brick sample

No progress yet but the brick samples have arrived and are a good match.

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B-Day+32: a few days off

Nothing new since the slab was done – we are waiting for bricks! Things should get started again next week…

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