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Veg patch part deux

We’ve made a little more progress!  We borrowed a Kärcher pressure washer and blasted all the filth and green muck off the fences around the veg patch.  Once they’d dried out we then painted them with “Wild Thyme” paint from the Cuprinol Garden Shades range.  Was really impressed with the paint, it only needed one coat and went on really well!

We settled for the old-school approach with brushes rather than purchasing a spray; that was after reading endless horror stories online about sprays going wrong, getting clogged every couple of minutes, coating next door’s garden/house/car/cat, etc!  Brushes required some elbow-grease, but the afternoon remained calamity free.

Next up: finish the base for the corner shed (to the right of the apple tree).  Then finish off the gravel.  Then buy and build the shed!





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