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B-Day+287: its all in the details…

We’ve got a few more little bits and pieces done:

  • LED lights under wall units
  • A magnetic brushed steel notice board which we found at dwell.co.uk,  which now contains a long to-do-list
  • Our old clock
  • Radiator cover (an expertly customised cheap-o B&Q item), still awaiting the mesh
  • The last wall cupboard
  • Some of the cornice and pelmets under / over the kitchen units
  • A high level shelf made from worktop off-cuts, the ideal place for cocktail paraphernalia and cookbooks
  • A blind at the kitchen window

That to do list doesn’t seem to get any shorter but we are slowly making progress…


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B-Day+258: It’s been a while…

…so we thought it was time for an update.

Christmas 2010 was successfully hosted in the new extension, with a good time had by all. After finally finishing the turkey we’ve been busy with various bits and pieces – it seems the little details are taking the longest.

Here’s a video showing the current state of affairs (click on “HD” in the bottom corner for better quality):

And some pictures:

And a picture of a delicious chicken pie we cooked in our new kitchen today, for Sunday lunch with The Mannings:

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B-day+225: Unpacking

Most of this weekend was spent sorting through all the dusty boxes of stuff we packed away around 232 days ago.  There’s stuff in there we’d forgotten all about – and why have we got four bottles of Worcester Sauce?

The newly installed dishwasher was in almost constant use as all the crockery, pots and pans were given a wash after coming out of storage – and now the cupboards are full!

Here are a couple of photos:

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B-Day+222: lift off!

21:40 on December 2nd 2010 was an historic moment, never to be forgotten. After some final checks we pushed the start button, closed the door and waited expectantly. There were a few clicks, splashes and whirrs and then a gentle hum as the Siemens iQ300 dishwasher set to work on it’s inaugural mission (quick wash 45 deg).

I think this was why we wanted an extension in the first place – the old kitchen had no room for such luxuries!

Oh we also put the remaining doors on the kitchen units so things are looking more complete – although there’s still loads to do.

Photos tomorrow…


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B-Day+218: Breakfast time!

We fitted out breakfast bar today – quite pleased with the results!

And if you’ve been paying very close attention you’ll noticed that we put the decor panels on the wall units, and painted another wall!

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B-Day+215: More doors ‘n’ drawers

We fixed in the hob so could then do the pan drawers – also finished off a few more cupboard doors, adjusted hinges, etc…

The extractor hood is also partially fitted, although still needs to be finished off.

Then we actually unpacked some of our wedding gifts, now they have a home.

By the way, here’s a close up of the butt and scribe joint in the worktops:

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B-Day+214: Sinking!

After hours of knuckle-grazing, arm-bending, neck-cricking work, the kitchen sink is in place.

It was quite an ordeal cutting away the cabinets to give enough space to access the sink clips,while still leaving some cabinet. Then actually fastening the sink clips required some triple-jointed contortions while lying upside down, head in a dark cupboard.

Not the most enjoyable way to spend the evening, especially because this just arrived today!

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