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B-Day+32: a few days off

Nothing new since the slab was done – we are waiting for bricks! Things should get started again next week…


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B-Day+29: Floored!

We now have a floor – the concrete slab was finished today.

Can’t really get outside to take photos, so here’s one from the upstairs window (not the most exciting photo I’ve taken!)

Update: Risked walking on the new floor this morning – I didn’t sink so got a couple more photos:

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B-Day+26: Damp proof membrane and insulation!

Now things are starting to take shape, DPM and floor insulation are done – ready for the concrete slab on tuesday! Fingers crossed the weather stays good – it should be HOT today…

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B-Day+23: yet more bricks…

Inner leaf up to dpc was finished today so the groundworks guys will be back tomorrow to do the drains…

Plus a big pile of insulation has appeared in the back garden!

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B-Day+22: More bricks…

They got a bit more done today…


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B-day+ 21: Bricks!

A couple of pics of the footings – work in progress…

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B-Day+15: New foundations and a new Prime Minister

So Gordon Brown has just resigned so I think we are in limbo without a PM for a few minutes, hopefully nothing goes wrong!

Equally important is that we have a full set of foundations.  The massive truck arrived this morning…

And filled the trenches…

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