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2073600 dots

New TV is coming tomorrow – very exciting!

State of the art:



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House: the ball is rolling!

Perhaps the blog is a good place to start a diary of our planned extension…

Things have started to move now, our planning application was validated after one false start when the planning officer initially deemed it “incomplete”.  Thought we’d got everything covered but they wanted a couple of extra drawings, which were rustled up promptyl!  So, we’ll now hear back by August 31st.  In the mean time – we need to:

  • Write a schedule of work and specification
  • Flesh out the drawings

This will let us:

  • Do Building Regulations application
  • Get some quotes from builders

It’ll all take some time, no idea when construction will start, but I’m assuming the more careful preparation we have, the smoother things will run (I hope that comment doesnt’ come back to haunt me).  As the philosopher Brent once said:

Never assume – it makes an ass out of you and me.”

Oh, on top of all that there’s always that little matter of remortgaging,  hopefully the nice folks at our building society will see sense and let us build that extension.  Hmmm, so many unknowns at the moment….

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