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B-Day+95: Battens

Today the battens were done, and the Sarnafil single-ply membrane was put on the flat roof deck.


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B-Day+94: Take cover!

The roof is now covered, ready for counter-battens, battens and tiles. Also the brick-on-end details over the doors and windows have been done, and the parapet is on it’s way up!

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B-Day+88: Flat deck – goodbye sky

The flat roof decking went on today – things are taking (flat) shape…

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B-Day+87: A room with a view

We have definitely got a new room!  The main roof timbers are pretty much done – next will battens and roof covering.

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B-Day+86: Flat roof joists – done!

The big flat roof joists are now done – and are all straight and parallel despite this bendy photo!

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B-Day+83: More roof

The timber structure for the roof at the side of the house looks nearly finished now. And the long timbers for the flat roof joists arrived today, meaning they can hopefully be installed on Monday…

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B-Day+82: Is this “indoors” yet?

Suddenly it feels a bit more like “indoors” instead of a very messy walled garden. Admitedly it’s not exactly weatherproof unless you stand very still under our Velux window.

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