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B-Day+218: Breakfast time!

We fitted out breakfast bar today – quite pleased with the results!

And if you’ve been paying very close attention you’ll noticed that we put the decor panels on the wall units, and painted another wall!


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B-Day+215: More doors ‘n’ drawers

We fixed in the hob so could then do the pan drawers – also finished off a few more cupboard doors, adjusted hinges, etc…

The extractor hood is also partially fitted, although still needs to be finished off.

Then we actually unpacked some of our wedding gifts, now they have a home.

By the way, here’s a close up of the butt and scribe joint in the worktops:

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B-Day+214: Sinking!

After hours of knuckle-grazing, arm-bending, neck-cricking work, the kitchen sink is in place.

It was quite an ordeal cutting away the cabinets to give enough space to access the sink clips,while still leaving some cabinet. Then actually fastening the sink clips required some triple-jointed contortions while lying upside down, head in a dark cupboard.

Not the most enjoyable way to spend the evening, especially because this just arrived today!

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B-Day+211: Worktop weekend!

This was a big weekend, we hired a router and worktop jig and set about slicing up the oak worktops – after a LOT of Youtube instructional videos!

Here’s work in progress – cutting the recesses for the worktop bolts:

Thankfully it went very well, the results are pretty good (we think).

Just waiting for the second coat of boiled linseed oil to dry before we put in the hob and sink…

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B-Day+209: Last floor tiles done

The tiles in the shower room were finished today – makes quite a difference the room feels much lighter!


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B-Day+207: More bits and pieces

No posts for a few days, but things have been progressing…

The tiling in the extension is done and grouted (with exception of the shower room which is being done next).  

We now also have skirting boards – so the rooms looks neater around the edges.  We even moved our sofa into the new extension to see what it looks like in-situ – and took the opportunity to remove the covers to wash off 207 days worth of brick dust, cement, sawdust and general filth!

Next steps: plumbers will be back to do the downstairs WC. And we must get the kitchen worktops done this weekend so the electricians can install the hob then test the electrics for Building Regs on Monday.

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B-Day+201: More tiles

Our tiler did a bit more today but not as much as the previous day…

Click on the photo for a bigger version!

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