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B-day+225: Unpacking

Most of this weekend was spent sorting through all the dusty boxes of stuff we packed away around 232 days ago. ┬áThere’s stuff in there we’d forgotten all about – and why have we got four bottles of Worcester Sauce?

The newly installed dishwasher was in almost constant use as all the crockery, pots and pans were given a wash after coming out of storage – and now the cupboards are full!

Here are a couple of photos:


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B-Day+222: lift off!

21:40 on December 2nd 2010 was an historic moment, never to be forgotten. After some final checks we pushed the start button, closed the door and waited expectantly. There were a few clicks, splashes and whirrs and then a gentle hum as the Siemens iQ300 dishwasher set to work on it’s inaugural mission (quick wash 45 deg).

I think this was why we wanted an extension in the first place – the old kitchen had no room for such luxuries!

Oh we also put the remaining doors on the kitchen units so things are looking more complete – although there’s still loads to do.

Photos tomorrow…


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