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B-Day+15: New foundations and a new Prime Minister

So Gordon Brown has just resigned so I think we are in limbo without a PM for a few minutes, hopefully nothing goes wrong!

Equally important is that we have a full set of foundations.  The massive truck arrived this morning…

And filled the trenches…


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B-Day+14: Last trench dug

The trench down the side of the house has been dug, leaving a treacherous walkway either side!

They’ve also uncovered our lead water pipe in preparation for replacing it with something less poisonous!

Hopefully the concrete will be poured tomorrow, meaning we’ll have finished foundations…

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B-Day+12: Saturday digging

The first concrete has set!  One of the groundworks contractors wanted to work today (a Saturday), which was fine with us.  He made excellent progress and has dug out the corner between the two concrete sections that were filled yesterday.  Plus our soakaway now has a channel linking it back to the extension, and the trench down the side of the house has been started.  Video and picture below…


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B-Day +11: Time for some concrete!

The first trenches were filled with concrete today and work started on the drains.  So today was the first day that stuff was built rather than demolished!

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B-Day +10: Trenches!

The first of the trenches have been dug and ready for pouring concrete tomorrow (hopefully).  The kitchen lean-to has disappeared completely.

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