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The Great Outdoors

So the house is more-or-less done, albeit plenty of bits and pieces to finish off “one day”. We turned our attention to the garden, which has grown woefully neglected since the arrival of our daughter nearly a year ago.  Maintaining this wilderness has dropped way down the list of things to do!

We wanted to replace the path and beds of rose bushes and other shrubs with a more child-friendly lawn, whilst extending the old garage slab into a more useable patio for outdoor dining.  Here’s what happened…

Step 1: Cut back and remove the trees and shrubs

Step 2: erect a new fence and lift paving slabs

Step 3: extend the old garage slab using oak sleepers filled with broken up paving slabs lifted from the garden

Step 4: level lawn area with new topsoil – having dug up old lawn

Step 5: lay new turf, water daily

And wait for the grass to grow! More to come in the next post….


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