Shed in the corner

To complete the veg patch we have got ourselves a new shed.  It’s a 7×7 Corner Shed from B&Q, made by Shire Garden Buildings.

Overall, its been pretty straightforward to put up, in contrast to some of the reviews on the B&Q website.  However one weakness is definitely the shed floor, the tongue and groove timber looks nice but seems way too thin – it flexes worryingly underfoot so we’ll definitely need to add another layer of board to reinforce the floor.  This isn’t a big deal but was a tad disappointing…

We painted the panels before assembly, which made things sooo much easier than painting after assembling it.  As with our fences, we’ve gone for Cuprinol Shades “Wild Thyme” combined with “Country Cream” for some of the details.  Here’s a few shots of the shed assembly in progress.

Pretty pleased with progress after one day’s work.  We still need to fit the door latches, glaze the windows and finish off the trim around the roof felt.



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3 responses to “Shed in the corner

  1. hi there, been looking at the blog for a while and saw this shed, could you recommend it now youve had it for a while as looking at sourcing a home office and this (or the 8×8) version might be ideal, depending on how sturdy it is. failing that i think it will be a case of building a brick one 🙂

    • barnacleschoice

      Hi Dave, While it’s fine for a garden shed, I’d hesitate to recommend it for an office. It doesn’t do an amazing job of keeping the outdoors outside! There are quite a few little gaps so you do get a fair amount of bugs and associated cobwebs and bits inside – but no actual leaks. I suppose these gaps could be filled quite easily though. Also the doors are flimsy and have warped. I strengthend them when I built it but obviously not enough. Again this is a problem that could be overcome but it depends if you want an “off-the-shelf” solution or are prepared to make some modifications. You’d also need to insulate it and fit some proper locks.

  2. hi there, thanks for the reply, seems its back to plan b, sounds like a small brick shed might be an option.

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