Building decking – part two

After the design work and shopping (part one), it was time to prepare the ground for the decking.


Because the deck is partially elevated, we needed to sink some 100×100 fence posts at approximately 1 metre intervals.

After marking out the hole positions, I got to work boring the holes – 70cm deep to ensure the posts are stable and secure.  Doing this without a hole-borer would have been a horrendous job, so it was well worth hiring one for the weekend.  Even the manual borer was surprisingly effective, although it’s physically hard work!

Several hours of boring later, the holes are done.  They aren’t particularly accurately positioned but for the chosen decking frame design that doesn’t really matter.

After this, it was a simple job to fix the posts in place with a bag of postmix concrete per hole (just add water!).  The posts were deliberately left over-long, to be cut down later when building the decking frame.


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