Building decking – part three

With the preparation complete, it’s time to start work on the deck itself!

Because the deck spans over 5 metres along the back of the house, we split it in to two sections to make things more manageable.


The deck needs to be attached to the house – this is done with a ledger.  We used through bolts to fix the board to the wall, staggering the bolts high and low so the board doesn’t rock.  It is important that the finished deck is well below the damp proof course to avoid moisture getting in to the walls – so setting the ledger height correctly is critical!

We added washers to the through bolts to leave a 10mm gap between the ledger and the brickwork – allowing some air circulation and preventing the timber from rotting.

In the photo below, we added a couple of joists to make sure the ledger height cleared the small block wall, while still giving a fall of around 1 in 100 for drainage.  Luckily the block wall is level so we can actually bear the joists onto it directly.

We also treated all cut timber with a generous coating of wood preserver.


After the ledger, we could start work on the frame itself.  Using a combination of joist hangers, long nails and skewed screw fixings – the frame gradually takes shape…


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